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    Local 82161

The Industrial Division of the Communications Workers of America


Representing General Electric  Workers Since 1957



                                                                                                            Local Leadership

Local 82161 Executive Board for 2014-2017

Left to Right:  Carey Walker-Financial Secretary; Jonathan Creasy-Administrative Chief Steward; Jason Markle-Treasurer; James Booe-Vice President; Justin Arrington-Trustee: Shannon Hurley-Sgt. @ Arms; Dave Stanley-2nd Shift Chief Steward; Joe Noojin-President; Craig Hannah-1st Shift Chief Steward; Kenny Carroll-Trustee; Chris Stamper-Trustee; Michelle Hanna-Recording Secretary


General Duties of Local 82161 Leaders

Members...we are the heart and soul of our local that has an voice in decision making within the workplace. We have our own individual strength combined with the strength of our entire group. We are not just a bunch of individuals working for General Electric, and we are not part of a business that provides services for fees, we are together, a collective, sometimes called "bargaining" unit of ourselves who have come together to protect our common interests, and we elect co-workers to represent our best interests as a whole.

Shop Stewards...we are the first-line union representatives that serves a network within our local membership. We are elected yearly in our area. We are the first person a member approaches if they have a question on whether their rights have been violated or has an idea on how an union action could improve their working conditions. We are the eyes and ears of our local that keeps track of what is happening on a day-to-day basis. We make sure the members in our area are kept informed as to what is going on. 

Shift Chief Stewards...there is one of us per shift, we answer any questions and help solve any problems our area stewards need, we serve on the Local Executive Board. We keep our Board members, as well as, our area stewards informed of what is going on. We pay attention to how decisions will effect the employees on our shift so we can be prepared for any action. We are elected every three years.   

Administrative Chief Steward...I see that all provisions of the contract are enforced. I check the activities of the Shift Chief Stewards or area stewards to improve the functioning of the Steward system. I am a member to the Executive Board, and I am elected every three years.    

Executive Board Members...we are elected every three years as the governing body of the local to oversee the objectives and purposes of our Local are carried out.                











For years, the labor movement has been a major factor in shaping America's society.  When you become a union member, and participate in all the things the union promotes, you become part of an establishment that entails more than just you and your workplace, you become part of what truly makes a difference, a better standard of living for all working Americans.