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    Local 82161

The Industrial Division of the Communications Workers of America


Representing General Electric  Workers Since 1957



   Our goal is to bring workers together to achieve common goals and interests so together we can build a better life for all union members and their families.  It has been our experience that we are much better off bargaining as a group with our employer than not having the opportunity to set down and discuss the welfare of the workers with the employer. Over the years, collective bargaining has helped us obtain and keep good paying jobs, adequate health care, and retirement benefits.

    As you know, outsourcing, our jobs (or in-sourcing) to other countries, leaves less opportunity for workers to find good paying jobs with benefits and contributes to the  diminish of the middle class in our country.  Further, we know working under a contract not only brings higher wages and better benefits, but it gives advantages to the worker ordinarily they would not have without a contract.










For years, the labor movement has been a major factor in shaping America's society.  When you become a union member, and participate in all the things the union promotes, you become part of an establishment that entails more than just you and your workplace, you become part of what truly makes a difference, a better standard of living for all working Americans.